The Scenic-Flyer Plugin v1.5

How many times have you put X-Plane into 'Chase View' to get a better view and understanding of your situation only to find that with no instruments displayed you've now got bigger problems? Scenic Flyer solves this problem by automatically displaying a mini instrument panel whenever you go into Chase, Spot, Tower or Fullscreen view.

There are currently two mini instrument panels available, the first is for GA use and is comprised of the familiar '6-Pack' of gauges plus Marker Beacon indicators, Gear indicators and a Stall Warning lamp. This GA panel is suitable for small aircraft up to 200kts in speed. The second panel is for faster aircraft and utilises a glass-cockpit style display. You can easily toggle between these.

For X-Plane 11 and 12
Installation is simple. Just unzip the downloaded zip file to your X-Plane's resources\plugins folder. This will create a folder called Scenic-Flyer which contains the plug-in.

Controlling the Scenic Flyer is also simple. Scenic-Flyer adds several new commands to X-Plane's normal keyboard and joystick setup pages. Each Scenic-Flyer command can be assigned to a key or button of your choice.

The commands are:-
  /Scenic-Flyer/scenic_flyer_on_off Great on a joystick button, this turns the panel on/off.
  /Scenic-Flyer/scenic_panel_larger Makes the Scenic-Flyer panel larger.
  /Scenic-Flyer/scenic_panel_smaller Makes the Scenic-Flyer panel smaller.
  /Scenic-Flyer/scenic_select Toggles the panel between GA and Glass.
  /Scenic-Flyer/scenic_transparency Alters the transparency of the panel.
  /Scenic-Flyer/scenic_force_on Forces the Scenic-Flyer panel to ON.

Scenic-Flyer keeps track of the time too, when X-Plane puts the instrument lights on, Scenic Flyer automatically dims too - very handy for night flying.

The last thing you need to know is that you can drag the instrument panel around the screen using the mouse so that you can always get the optimal view you're after - and still see the instruments.

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Screen Shots: (Note: These are from X-Plane 9)

STMA's Glorious Husky on Finals at LOWI

Stock King-Air Landing at EGGP

atg_Aviation's PiperCub - Enjoying the Welsh Scenery

Code by Roy Coates.
Graphics by kind permission of Austin Meyer, Laminar Research.
Extra thanks to Sandy Barbour and Ben Supnik for the superb X-Plane SDK.

Scenic-Flyer is freeware. However, if you enjoy it and would like to make a donation via PayPal, please click the button!

For X-Plane 11 and 12 - Version: 1.5
Download Size: 300KB (approx)
Download HERE for Windows ONLY.